2 Invoices for same Customer, and different currency

I have a Customer that we invoice in 2 different currencies, the first one allowed me to save the invoice but the second one gives me the following error.

For the first invoice, I used an PYG account, and for the second invoice i obviously changed my account to my USD account.
It seems very strange to me that in such a big software as ERPNext, it is not possible to consider saving 2 invoices in different currencies.
Any Ideas?

You can book multi currency invoices against a customer. In account settings, there is an option

“Allow multi-currency invoices against single party account”

Enabling this will allow creation of multi-currency invoices against single party account in company currency. But you cannot use two different receivable accounts for a single customer.

Thank for response. That checkbox is already checked, but i still have the error. its a bug?

This check is for Party Account, not for single customers