2 questions.Where are web pages stored when created by erpnext for site

Where are web pages stored for the site when created by erpnext. I have multiple locations and several businesses and have a multi tenant erpnext self hosted account.

Where are the files stored for each individual website.

I see them in the apps folder. However, I want to move these to the sites folder under the individual site.

Web Pages are stored in the Website module itself.

Website > Web Pages

For a multi business setup. I have everything as multi-tenant. would having 2 about us pages and 2 web pages with the same address but with a separate subdomain result in the same web page being displayed. such as location1.domain.com/page1 and location2.domain.com/page1.

If they would be the same then how do you separate the web pages between tenants.

Each webpage for a tenant is unique.

For example Frappe Cloud is completely different from Frappe Cloud

What Umair meant was that each tenant’s ERPNext instance is unique and the pages are stored in the tenant’s ERPNext Website module.