2 sale orders with additional discount 1 sale invoice [BUG]

Hi, I have a situation that I don’t see another user asking in either discuss or github.

When we have more than one sales order with additional discount, if we generate a sales invoice and bring these two customer orders, it only takes one of the discounts, it doesn’t accumulate them.

While I’m using version 11, check all github issues and PR related to the topic in the future.

Does anyone solve it somehow?


One of my clients also told me about this problem. I haven’t tried yet. Did you try it with v12?

Hi, yes, the same problem.

Most probably erpnext should create a new line in the sales invoice if items’s discount amount is different in the sales order / delivery note. You should create a github issue. This can also happen in the purchase order/purchase receipt/purchase invoice.



Great. It would be better if you provide screenshots for 2 different sales order and the sales invoice.