2-Step Authentication Suggestion


I was just playing with 2-Step Authentication. After a while it started to get annoying and I have a suggestion.
Why don’t you add a check box, like “Remember me on this device”, so the user has to use the 2-step Authentication only once on specific device.
Kinda like gmail.
I hope I was clear with my suggestion.

Wait… what?!? ERPNext has 2-step authentication?!?

Where can I find more information on this? I didn’t see it in the online manual. Might I be looking in the wrong headings?

Point me to some information on this please. I want to experiment with it as well.



Screenshots and required details

Add a feature request on github.

It’s not in Master yet. Only in Develop and Staging I presume


That was my next question. I do not see it in my production version from 6 days ago. Will this be ported to the the master and work it’s way to production anytime soon?


I have it on production.


Tuesday is when Master gets updated from Staging, so this makes sense.

@bkm It is available in master now.Tested and perfect.Just to say thanks to the team and the community.