25 years of Linux!

On 25th August 1991, a young student from Helsinki, Finland wrote an email announcing that he is working on a “hobby” project to build a Unix like operating system. 25 years on, that operating system Linux is installed on more than 2 billion devices across the world including all Android phones and 90% of the computers that power the Internet.

The interesting thing about this is that there is no multi-billion dollar empire that controls Linux but a group of volunteers, all working for different companies who collaboratively build the software. Linux is also free for everyone to use and improve.

At ERPNext, we aspire to emulate what Linux has done for operating systems, to enterprise systems. To build better software for everyone, collaboratively, and in the open.

Here is a nice interview of Linus Torvalds by Chris Anderson of TED


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That’s what encourages me more to understand the codebase itself and deliver some valuable pull requests in the future for Frappe, ERPNext and various tools connected.
Thank you for your amazing work Frappe Team :slight_smile: and keep it up!

If you are interested in the C/Asm implementation of very first Linux as well as the license:


Congratulations everybody! :sparkles: :fireworks:

I hate to turn the nerd mode on, especially in a thread dedicated to such a notorious event, but it’s worth to mention that Linux itself is not an OS but only a kernel.