#25307 - How long will it take for my issue to get resolved?

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Could you complement on how to setup paid support for the things mentioned in the issue but with an on prem deployment?

I was trying to contact sales about it way back, but to no avail.

Is there an alternative solution to a similar problem available for on-site hoster?

I think the only option offered by Frappe is to buy an FC plan with included warranty and support (you are not obligated to use that site in production though - you can just see that as a service fee). They do in fact resolve valid bugs quite quickly. Maybe you can also get them to do PR reviews.

Alternatively, you could hire another established service provider to review your urgent PRs.

Suggestions for the latter:


Frappe doesn’t offer direct paid support for on-premise deployments through their sales channels.

However, there are alternative ways to get help:

Frappe Cloud: Consider migrating to Frappe Cloud, their hosted service. It includes support for deployments and removes the need for on-premise management.

Community Forums: Utilize the Frappe community forums for troubleshooting and assistance with your on-premise setup. Other users and developers might be able to help.

Third-Party Support: Explore external consultants or agencies specializing in Frappe deployments. They might offer paid support for on-premise environments.