2nd Indonesia Meetup in Jakarta Sat, 28 Oct 2017 @ 12.45PM (topic: sharing experience from those attending ERPNext Conference 2017)

Hi Community again,

As recommended by @rmehta at the Foundation Conference meeting yesterday, we setup a new Meetup in Jakarta. So please join to support the new group, if any of you are in Indonesia, you are welcome to join the meetup. Let’s kickoff the ERPNext Momentum in Indonesia, starting from Jakarta :wink:

We will plan to meet soon when time suits most people, as soon as this month…

Check out ERPNext Jakarta Community Meetup Create a Meetup Account | Meetup on Meetup

Kind Regards,
Thomas Lie
Bali Open Source Solution
“born in Bali, now based in Jakarta”

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5 more days to Jakarta Meetup

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28 Members have joined, 14 are going to First Meetup tomorrow

Final Reminder: Today is the last day to RSVP.

For those of you that have RSVP-ed, please come early eg. 9.45AM so we can start on time.

GOOD NEWS: Tomorrow we will have a few experienced ERPNext users who are willing to give time and share knowledge with us. Don’t miss this!

If you have any questions, you may contact via meetup.

Thank you @vjFaLk. I appreciate the Global Pin :slight_smile: :+1:
It helps us all, it’s gone up to 17 attendees now

12 hours to go…

For attendees, If you drive, you are welcome to park right in front of the office building A10 & A11 or near the exit post (around Starbucks area), the entrance to our place is right opposite WTC Mangga Dua.

2nd Indonesia Meetup in Jakarta has been set on Sat, 28 Oct 2017 @ 12.45 PM
with the topic “Sharing Experiences from those attending ERPNext Conference 2017 in Mumbai” (Berbagi Pengalaman dari yang berangkat ke ERPNext Conference 2017 di Mumbai)

Please RSVP

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Thanks for this information