404 Error on custom app CSS file

Hello there,

I am trying to change some CSS, without changing core files, to keep the system safe for updates.

i followed the suggestions of Anand in this post:

Unfortunately, I see a 404 Error in the console. The CSS file is not found on the path I expect it:


Any ideas? This is from my hooks file:

# Includes in <head>
# ------------------

# include js, css files in header of desk.html
# app_include_css = "/assets/mycustomapp/css/mycustomapp.css"
app_include_css = "/assets/mycustomapp/css/mycustomapp.css"
# app_include_js = "/assets/mycustomapp/js/mycustomapp.js"

The file is exactly located in:


Thank you very much.

Try this relative path -
app_include_css = “assets/mycustomapp/css/mycustomapp.css”

It’s still not working.

I had a typo in the filename. The filename was custom.css instead of mycustomapp.css

Now I changed it and it’s working.

Another solution would be to put a build.json to the public folder of the custom app with the following content:

    "css/custom.css": [