404 getting on local

Hi Guys
anyone can help me, am getting this error

I tried to use bench use site_name
whatever site name I gave I got site does not exist

anyone can help me, please

just restart, if not resolved run below cmd
bench setup requirements
bench build
bench clear-cache
bench clear-website-cache
bench migrate

Thanks for your valuable input @Rajat96318

when I ran bench clear-cache, bench-clear-website-cache, bench-migrate
I got Please specify --site sitename

Use bench --site sitename migrate
Or directly use the current site by below cmd
bench use sitename

Thank you for your response @Rajat96318
i tried It whatever site name i gave it was showing
Site sitename does not exist!

Hi @Aswin_Lakshmanan

Read this post I hope you will get the solution.

Thank You!

Thank you for the reply mohammadali

Having the same problem here but none of the above solutions worked
Just ran the python3 easy-install.py command

Can someone help? please. Stuck on this for weeks now

Hi @TheGodFather05
you remove HTTPS and use HTTP. I hope It will work
Thank You!

@Mohammadali it automatically goes to https due to traefik