404 page not found after installing ERPNext

Previously, I used to install erpnext with the easy-install script directly with no problems. I went on by creating a custom image by updating the apps.json like below

        "url": "https://github.com/frappe/erpnext",
        "branch": "version-14"
        "branch": "develop"
        "branch": "develop"

I then went on to update the easy install script by adding these lines


I went on to install like so

sudo python3 easy-install.py --prod -s app.example.com --email dev@example.com --project erp_non_profit --image image-name --version image-tag

Below is a snapshot I got after the installation. Note that I ensured that my domain name which is an A record is the exact name I used for the site name. I’d be happy to get some pointers for troubleshooting.

Check this video:

thanks, @Maderas_Corozal , I did check that and it checks out. my site is written clearly in the current sites. I have some feeling it could be a problem with Traefik, but I can’t really point to how to troubleshoot that.

I have been able to resolve it. I feel I may have tampered with a file, so I started everything afresh and now I have everything working as it should.