5 decimal point in rate on purchase order

Hi, new user here experimenting with ERP Next could version. I need to be able to enter prices for items to 5 decimal points on purchase orders. I know this question has been asked multiple times in these forums and I’ve read a few of the responses and have done the following:

  1. Set System Setting > Float Precision to 5
  2. Set Customize Form> Item Price> Rate to Float
  3. Set Customize Form> Purchase Order Item> Price List Rate and Rate to Float

When creating an item, I am able to set the Valuation Rate and Standard Selling Rate to 5 decimals.

However, when creating a Purchase Order and adding the items, the Price List Rate and Rate automatically round to 2 decimal points, and so the total Amount is not correct.

What other settings do I need to change to correct this?

maybe you can try this:

Hi, I just made those changes but it did not solve the problem. Still looks good in Item view:

But not as a Purchase Order item:
(screenshot in next post)

I double checked that I have the Rate set to Float (Precision 5) for Purchase Order Item. But it looks like it might still be displaying as Currency (due to the $)?

Purchase Order item screenshot:

I have the same problem but in Sales order, trying to use rate in price list up to 4 digit after the point. Is there a solution?
ERPNext version in 7.2

Seems like there is a general constraint when copying prices from price list to transaction and the rate is rounded up to the second digit after the point? Any ideas for workaround here?