502 Bad Gateway Internal Server Error 01/10/2023

Hello, in the U.S. getting a 502 Bad Gateway message intermittently, then am sometimes able to get in, but once I log in no data reflects and I get an Internal Server Error, and none of our data reflects.
If anyone has any info on this item, we’d really appreciate it. Coming up against a deadline to finish some financials here. Thanks!


In most cases restarting the server or at the very least restart the mariadb server solves the issue

I have the same probelm. We are using Frappe Cloud.

Even downloading backups from the frappe cloud dashboard is problematic because on one of the backups I am geting 404 error.

Here how it looks when I succed to log in.

Problem was solved by the Frape Cloud support.

Confirming login on ERPNEXT this morning is also successful.