(550, '5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. d187sm5884457pfa.38 - gsmtp')

Hi all, I am not receiving any email…in my email queue list i am getting error like “(550, ‘5.4.5 Daily user sending quota exceeded. f10sm10940978pfd.151 - gsmtp’)” can any one tell me how to resovle this?

That’s not ERPNext problem…
Gmail limits the number of emails sent per day.
If you have the need to send many emails I suggest to use Mailgun or Amazon SES

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Thanks for the response @fromthestone but didn’t receive single mail today

I had done with 30 mails today…all that 30 mails are in the email queue with the following error

Is it giving the same error on them as well?

It’s sending quota exceeded, not receiving.

You are 5112 emails in queue… a bit too much :wink:
Take a look at here:

and here:

Thanks for the reply @kennethsequeira … yes

Refer to @fromthestone’s link. Gmail limits daily email to be sent to around 500. After that, it starts giving you this error.

You can use a service like Mailgun to get past the restriction.


Thanks for your kind reply @fromthestone and @kennethsequeira