[6.27.19] Add item_name to Sales Invoice form

I would like to have the item_name showing in the sales invoice form.

Tried some options editing the Sales Invoice Item doctype, also tried modifying the
with no luck


Did you check item name field settings in Customize form => Sales Invoice Item

Make sure its list view is selected. Its enabled by default.

it is checked,

does item_name shows in your enviroment?


Yes it is. But if you are trying this with custom doctype.
Go through below link https://discuss.frappe.io/t/how-to-use-saler-order-item-form-in-our-custom-form/12733/9

I’m doing it in the Sales Invoice parent doctype of Sales Invoice Item, but haven’t been able to check where do I pick which elements to show. Currently it only shows {item_code, qty, rate, amount}

thanks in advance!