[7.0] 1st login - what does 'Domain' do?

@ first login you are prompted to choose a so called Domain

  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Services

can anyone point me to a manual entry or so that explains what choosing any of those options actually results in? What if your company engages in more then one Domain?

if this does not actually DO anything … I’d vote for removing it

Your desktop default arrangement is organised according to the domain you selected. For example if your domain is manufacturing you desktop will have BOM, manufacturing Order, etc whereas retail will have things like POS

Depending on the domain your ERPNext is accordingly configured to show you the most relevant modules on your Desk. Apart from that, when our cloud users select the domain, it’s useful data for us.

understood, thanks.

just a thought … in the first moment this has stopped me from proceeding (at least for a bit) cause I wasn’t sure what implications are coming along with it

second though … would it be possible to have a short explanation text (probably applicable for other sections as well) shown?

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