[7.2-beta] Please help wih Time field

Hi team,

I have problem with field type “Time” it doesn’t save correct time. Please see screenshots

At first I created and saved Stock Entry with posting time 06:00:00

Then I refresh page and received this, time is annulled to 00:00:00

I saw the same topic on the forum but it doesn’t have answers.
([7.0.63]Time field slider is resetting my set time)

I have this problem with Course Schedule in Schools module(when I tried to update Course Schedule I receive error message “From Time cannot be greater than To Time.” and every time I need to update from time) but I cannot reproduce it on beta.erpnext.com. That’s why I made screenshots for Stock Entry.

Thanks for your help.

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Did you click on Done after setting the time?
By the way newer version have different time picker now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer;-) Yes, I click. Yes, I know but I think it(this problem when you use time less then 10:00:00) should be also tested.

I cannot replicate the issue on beta.erpnext.com (v7.2.0-beta). Can you check your timezone settings?

thanks for answer but I used beta.erpnext.com you can see it on my screenshots I think Demo User cannot change timezone settings, nope?

here is document which I have created https://beta.erpnext.com/desk#Form/Stock%20Entry/STE-00002 please don’t forget to refresh page

Yeah, I can replicate that now. Was this working before this release?

sorry, I haven’t use it before but my local machine has

ERPNext: v7.1.27
Frappe Framework: v7.1.27

and I have this problem and sorry I added [7.2-beta] only because I saw that in the feature it will be new Time fields and I want to know if it will work.

New time picker will come with version 7.3 (in a month or so), that will surely fix the problem. I will try to fix the issue in this version as well.

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thank you very much

Hi …any update on this issue?

Thank you