7.2.x Sales Cycle

Picking up from where this thread ended (as of 7.1.x)

I made my first sale yesterday! yipee! So now I wanted to document it in ERP and what I found was a total pain in the neck. (we use a third party website and not build in frappe website feature, payments are to PayPal account)

I created a sales order and from there entered in new customer w/ address. I was able to associate to existing item and all that just fine. At submit I wanted to enter in the payment entry and be done with it, but no. I had to create a sales invoice record and associate that with the payment entry. I am now having to create a delivery note to complete the transaction! Why do I have to invoice and document delivery? I am selling services, not a physical product and I certainly don’t need an invoice for something already sold.

Instead of starting with a sales order, would it be better to go straight to sales invoice and then payment entry? Will that allow me to bypass the need to do a delivery note?


Of course you can start with sales invoice payment entry, its totally fine. If the item is serivce, then you can skip delivery notes also. But if it is a stock item (product) then only when you put delivery notes, the stock will get deducted from the stock balance.

Thanks @Javid_Hussain, that worked a lot better. Just two entries for a sale. I see that if you go sales order route, you are essentially moving into a different kind of sales cycle that includes using manufacturing processes as well as stock movement. Learned something new today.

Hi, I’m just wondering that are those stock balance referring to warehouse balance stock? Sorry if this question looks silly. I’m just curious. Thanks