[8.0] Email Inbox merged - WIP

@strixaluco, I refered to hiri for inspiration on email useability and best practices (and certainly not for their code!) :slight_smile:
See the video link on how they handle email conversations and delegations.
For example the use of ACTION and FYI fields. The ACTION emails can then be automatic converted to erpnext’s TODO’s for example.

So I refer to the workflow they are using, that’s seems nice,
and IF the new inbox does not have that functionality yet,
then maybe it is a good idea to implement that kind of workflow in erpnext new inbox.

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Sorry, probably I read your message too fast :slight_smile:
Yes, the workflow is pretty nice, but before implementing similar workflow in Frappe, it’s better to check if there are no any patents on it.

@strixaluco, It is just a workflow, and the reason why I liked it, is that I adopted this workflow myself years ago, by tagging my work emails with ACTION or FYI, so the person receiving it knows if he needs to do something or just read/ignore the email.

I read this principle many many years ago in a book about good management practices used at succesful companies. I am not sure, but I think it was the method used by Jeff Bezos at Amazon, but again I could be wrong.

Anyway I doubt there are any patents on this because lots of people already use this for years.