[8.0] Email Inbox merged - WIP

Dear all,

We have merged Email Inbox made by @RobertSchouten and @IAGAdmin!

One big issue was that Contact (which is in ERPNext) was needed in Email, so we had to move Contact (and its cousin Address) to Frappe. With this the static links on Contact (for customer, supplier, lead etc) have been moved to many-to-many relationship

This is still very beta so please report issues as you find!

Thanks and sorry for doing this on a Friday! We wanted to move on with this…

Also realized that from now, we need to work at smaller contributions (unless it is additional functionality)

Edit: I think this qualifies as a breaking change, lets tag it as 8.0

Edit 2: Please post issues here: Contact + Address Redesign Issues · Issue #7482 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Congratulations, well done!

Kudos to @RobertSchouten and @IAGAdmin! - this is one of the essential steps to further advance ERP Next platform!

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Great work!

I honestly cannot believe the amount and quality of the changes and contributions to ERPNext made over the last 6 months. Truly inspiring.

Is there any documentation about these changes to email yet? I’d love to read up.

it very nice news and thanks for all efforts

The git is not really clear. What is it you are trying to accomplish with this change?

the goal for the email inbox is for users to have an email inbox within frappe with emails linked to customers and suppliers and general docs
aswell as transparency to allow users to see all communications between a peticular supplier


It is really a very good job. When it will be ready for use.

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Ok, so this makes sense. How do you separate a frappe “inbox” with linked communications to various documents in the platform with regular inbox emails that don’t need to be inside frappe?

currently there isnt a means to sort out the unessicary emails it’s designed as a full inbox like outlook and will sync read and unread
we are certainly open to idea’s
i am thinking maybe blacklisting some emails but the email syncing is designed to get all emails in ure inbox

Hii Robert
I am trying to open the email inbox in beta version but it is not responding

hi @dufani1
the beta demo is not currently configured for the inbox to work will add to the list


Thanks @RobertSchouten and @IAGAdmin , it’s great job .
i think should make email id unique in ERPNEXT , so can’t enter one email address for to contact ( supplier , customer , or lead ) .
i don’t know how you are going to manage contact with more than one email ID .
Thanks all ERPNEXT team .

Ok. So I am getting a better sense of what you are trying to do here. I would suggest the work being done is to better integrate with POP3, IMAP and MAPI based mailboxes so you can get mails from pretty much every platform out there, including MS Exchange. I would suggest that in the integration, you don’t attempt to replace an email client like Outlook as that is simply a lot of work. I think it would be better to enable ICS integration with the frappe calendar so I can attach it to my Outlook client (or gmail for that matter) and then use a custom smtp header in the messages. Then as frappe is scanning my mailbox for emails to process, it looks at the custom header to know what to pull into frappe and what to ignore.

From a workflow perspective I would think that the frappe user is initiating emails from within the platform and not Outlook or another email client, so frappe can insert the header at that time. It will then get carried in all replies and can be reinserted if needed in any replies to the replies, etc. Then you can separate regular corporate emails from those that could be associated with conversations that are occurring within documents in frappe/erpnext and I can continue to use whatever email client I want to use. Mac users might prefer iMail for example, so again the more frappe integrates with standard mailbox and calendar protocols the more useful it becomes and you don’t have to try and recreate all the features of an email/groupware client in frappe.

My $0.02 for what its worth.

the issue with that is what if it’s a customer sending the first email theres no way to modify the header for frappe to know it’s meant to be recieved

yeah it sure was a lot of work and it’s not going to force users 2 stop using outlook or imail it’s just an alternative


Great news!
Thanks @RobertSchouten, @IAGAdmin and everybody working on integrating this feature!

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please Robert
what dose awaiting password mean in email setting?

hi @dufani1
awaiting password is for accounts u dont know the password for so when u assign the account to a user the user will b prompted for a password for the account

but maybe the label should be “prompt assigned user/s for password”

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Thanks Robert
I think the lable shold be ( Password will assign by user)

Hello guys, @RobertSchouten, @IAGAdmin, @rmehta, and others
I just saw ‘hiri’ email client, and it has a nice workflow, that can may be integrated in the new inbox.
ERpnext already has all the parts built-in, but maybe not yet glued together in a nice workflow.

see short overview video

Send actionable emails and delegate others to your team. Sending tasks using Hiri reduces ambiguity about who needs to do what.

see https://www.hiri.com/

@pee, you mean to integrate Hiri into Frappe Framework? I can’t see how that would be possible with Hiri being closed source proprietary software, but maybe I misunderstood your idea.
Moreover, they support only Microsoft-based email services, which also doesn’t look like a nice approach.

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