ERP Next 8.0 Timeline

Hi guys,

We have seen nice teasers on the cool new features and fixes to come with ERP Next 8.0 sometime in Feb 2017 per

We are all excited to see it arrived.

From the business stand-point, it would be helpful to clarify 8.0 release timeline, with the expected dates of

  • 8.0 Beta testing branch created and available for community member to test
  • deadline to submit bugs toward 8.0
  • final bug-fixing for 8.0
  • release of 8.0 to community

@rmehta, @umair, @nabinhait: could you please help to set dots over ‘i’ with it?

Thank you


@gvyshnya we are still testing. There is not official timeline (yet)

We will not push major new features now (a new data import tool and global search will be included), but only focus on testing the existing ones…

Will be great if the community can help us identify and fix issues in the develop branch!


hii guys
I think the most important thing the reliability and stability of erpnext. to get better quality.
thanks for all efforts.

Hi rmehta, What’s the url for teh develop branch is on the develop branch

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Eagerly watching the progress with reaching the milestone per Version 8.0 Milestone · GitHub :slight_smile: