A bit confused about GamePlan. Is it built in Frappe Framework or in NodeJS?

I am planning to setup and use GamePlan for tracking and managing development.

But when I checked it’s Git page the instructions for setting it up and running it are:

bench new-site gameplan.test
bench get-app gameplan
bench --site gameplan.test install-app gameplan
bench --site gameplan.test add-to-hosts
bench --site gameplan.test browse --user Administrator

Now, open a new terminal session and cd into frappe-bench/apps/gameplan, and run the following commands:
yarn dev

Why do we need to run yarn. I am not a NodeJS developer but from what little I have understood yarn is an alternate package manage for NodeJS.

So is GamePlan built using Frappe Framework or NodeJS?

If I want to customize it do I need to learn NodeJS also?

Backend is Frappe Framework. Frontend is JS (just like Frappe Framework) but it requires running a separate asset bundler in development mode (vitejs) hence the extra steps.

If you’re doing production build, it’s same as any other Frappe app.

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We can access it just like we access any other Frappe app after logging in?

Can I use it along with ERPNext or have I to install it separately in isolation?

Gameplan is a separate UI app so it’s mounted on different endpoint siteurl/g/ instead of siteurl/app where ERPNext runs, this accessing apps will get simplified soon.

You can technically run it on same site but usually better to keep them separate. Use social login with your main ERP site to avoid setup hassle.