A company which is both Supplier and Customer and an issue about recording the transactions

Hello all,

My question is basically related to the topic in the link below but i need a quick help about how to proceed.
I did not want to write on that topic because what i need is not to wait for an update but to learn how people manage this issue at the moment. I am sure there must be plenty of people having the same issue.

I have a situation and don’t know how to deal with that at the moment.

Here is the scenario:
-i have bought some materials online and paid directly. Let’s say $100
-the supplier told me that there is a problem with their stock and we have cancelled one item. (so they have issued an invoice with a lower price) - let’s say, $80
-After i have received the items, i decided to return some items and have issued a sales invoice to return those. Let’s say $15

So, the supplier have sent me $35 in one transaction. My problem starts here about how to record these transactions on Erpnext.

At the moment i have “supplier x” with a credit balance of $20 because they have paid me $35 and my sales invoice was $15.
At the same time i have “customer x” with a debit balance of $20 because i have paid them $100 and the purchase invoice was $80.

But “supplier x” and “customer x” are the same company.

How do we manage this on Erpnext?

I don’t think i understood your question properly because you confused supplier with customer.

Anyhow to settle supplier and customer you can use Journal entry. Just make sure to select the appropriate party for supplier and customer. You can also use refernce no field avilable in Journal entry to adjust the outstanding invoices for that particular supplier/customer

Dear @ushashmi,

In my case the supplier and the customer mentioned in the post, are the same company.
Please check my post again with that information.

In practice there is no problem on accounting side because the invoices and the payments match.
But on Erpnext i can not record the same thing…