A Customized Process From Selling to Manufature

I 'd like to make a customize process for my business, But I don’t know how to realize it and where to start,
The process steps are following below

  1. My customer order the service, and it has a start date and last for couple days,example: 5days, 20days
  2. After sales order, I need to build a production order that produce the produce every single day
  3. I need a report for how many products Should I produce for the particular day.

Welcome Michael,

Yes ERPNext can certainly implement your process steps.

The documentation, videos, a hands-on demo and so on will guide and bootstrap your learnings

Whatever you are unable to find just ask

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@Michael_Ji, may I suggest that since your description is quite vague, could you write in detail the exact process steps that is undertaken by your business. Perhaps a process flow would help to better explain what you are trying to do. We have implemented Sales Order to Production Order directly before so as far as that is concerned it is definitely possible.

Thank you Bohlian
I made a flow chat, hope it helps

My business is about a catering service, So my clients order by weekly or monthly, we take the order and
produce the product every day
So, I want to know in each particular day How many products I should produce and also How many material I should purchase.
Thank you very much for helping me , It’s my first time discuss some issue here.

Just in case you are not especially a hands-on do-it-yourself type @Michael_Ji -

Be advised this product involves some IT familiarity that can be disconcerting to some!

yes, i know it, I have friend major in I.T. And I also know some and want to know more, now, I am using excel to solve all of my process issue, but now , I hope to have a more friendly user interface to do it.
For erpnext, I just want to know where to start optimize the form , I know there are plenty of things to do. Thank you Clarkej