A graphical view to show link between of forms

I recently saw a feature in SAP One, that illustrates graphically the link between forms that gets created for a particular transaction set.

Considering that a happened event is a series of transaction records that depend on each other in ERPNEXT. It would be lovely to see if it could be visually represented like a flow chart. This will greatly increase the visibility of that event.

Would this sort of a feature be possible? If so I wouldn’t mind supporting it.


I think this is a really good idea and am glad you raised this. Just to add In my opinion, the recently released Gantt chart could be a good starting point to achieve this. Thanks

@adityaiyer, Thanks for your inputs. Gantt could reflect the submission of documents as milestones in the project.

I’ve drawn a sketch of how the flow would look like in a typical scenario that we face regularly.

I hope this gets recognised as a feature worthy to be included.

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