A new app for your enjoyment :-)

Hey everyone, :wave:t4:
I built a fun and oddly satisfying app that can run on the frappe framework.
It is intended for anyone who wishes to have an active shopping list while already having a running frappe instance.
The app is here
The point of the app is this:
Up until a few months ago I was a heavy Google eco system user. This meant that whenever I’d go out shopping for grocery, I would open a shared “keep” checklist, where my wife, at home, could populate ad-hock.
As I decided I wish to de-google my life as much as possible, I tried different types of self hosted “shopping lists”. However, I did not find an app that worked well for our needs.
So I built one myself :slight_smile:
What it does?

  1. You can select where you go (i.e.: Market, Grocery store or Other).
  2. You can name you list (e.g.: “Boby’s birthday party” for a list dedicated for things you want to buy for boby’s birthday party)
  3. You have a “To take” table, where you insert the actual list of things to buy (the different products are in another list, that is importable :wink: ). You can input a quantity and units per product (it’s something you control on the products list. e.g.: kg, lbs, liter, units in any language etc.).
  4. Whenever an item on the list is checked, it is “auto-magically” moves to the “Taken” list and the page is saved. This way both you and any other person controlling the list can keep taps over the list (no double inserting (used to happen while using “keep”). In addition, if you accidentally check anything, you can check it over on the “Taken” list for it to “auto-magically” jump back to the “To take” list*

There is a lot of potential to add features, however, I think that the app is small, effective and useful.
Fill free to use it. I have been using it for the past month, and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

*went shopping yesterday, and I saw some tomatoes. I checked the tomatoes on the list and approached the tomato bin, where the tomatoes where less than exciting… (:frowning: ). I went back to the “Taken” list, checked them back to the “To take” list and went to another vendor)

it can also change colors :slight_smile:


This seems like an overkill, but it’s good for the growth of the frappe ecosystem.