A separate VAT Module or App?

I would like to develop a module or app to comply new VAT rules of Bangladesh. Can anyone advice me, whether to develop a module within ERPNext or should I go for a separate apps which will be integrated with ERPNext.

Whatever your advice is, please show me the way with references.


Start off with a separate app. If it works out fine then do PR for core integration.


  1. Purpose of the VAT module is to calculate, record and report Value Added Tax (kind of GST).
  2. I want to use ERPNext Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Store and Account modules while VAT module will be a separate apps installed into a separate site.
  3. Sometime, I may want to hook this VAT app into ERPNext as a module.
  4. Do not want any conflict during ERPNext update.

Is this possible? As such, someone please guide me.


As @Muzzy says certainly yes - the regional India GST implementation offers lots of clues to direct you. That and the docs and forum q&a - a search on ‘custom app’ is a good start

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I have my bench installed. In one site, erpnext is installed and in another site VAT app is installed. The site for VAT is active. How to make erpnext app and it’s objects available in the VAT app.

Alternatively, how to make VAT app and it’s objects are available in erpnext.

What do you mean by another site? You need to upload your VAT code to Git and pull it via SSH into your ERPNext server.

ERPNext and VAT app both are installed in my local server.

Do you mind sharing your code?

@Obinna_Ukwueze, no code yet, I am just trying to validate the working model. Meaning, both app working as a single application.

For the pair of sites to exchange data, the standard means is with this Introduction

@clarkej thanks, I will look into it and update here.

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