A user can't save anythings

When update to lastest version. I use my customize account enter ‘My Settings’. But I can’t setting my options like this:

And I can’t save ‘Sales Order’, ‘Purchase Order’, and so on. like this:

prosess is stop here.

Then I use Administrator account everything is ok. I think this is a permissions problem. But I can’t fix this.


Please check and share the error traceback from browser’s console log

OK, This is my browser’s console log.

Thanks a lot.


Do you have any customization?

Please try pull the latest version of Frappe and ERPNext by running bench update then build and clear cache

bench build
bench clear-cache

Sorry, I have not do customization. Let me try it again. Thanks.

I did this finish。 But the problem is not fix。 I think this is a permissions problem,because ‘My Settings’ page have no option I can change。 I think update is let me lost any account data in database。

May I mail you my .sql file? Then you can test it.

May be the trouble is ‘Encryption key is invalid’. When I want reset customize account is get a message.


remove the encryption_key from your site_config and try to save the user, system will create the new encryption key if now available


Excuse me, How can I find site_config.json ? I find a common_site_config.json, is it ? Thanks a lot.

I find it now, Thanks.

I did your steps. But I the message is warning again.:joy: