A Warranty Claim opens the original sales order

Whenever I open a warranty claim, and make a replacement for a product, it re-opens the original sales order, showing Delivery as pending. And then closes the order on the new date, when the material has been replaced

My concern is, it changes the stock ledger outputs if it is done in a different month or year and so shows a mismatch of stocks.

The warranty claims should be treated separately from the sales order.
Is there a way to still show the original delivery date, of the first order and then show service claims and there resolutions against a particular customer, without hindering the original Delivery Note of the product.


As per the design, Sales Order made for the replacement item doesn’t have impact on the original Sales Order. Can you please elaborate your actual sales cycle, so that we can try and replicate it?

Sorry that ERPNext is not very optimized for repair services. It is on our roadmap. You can expect upgrade on this front in near future.

Thanks Umair for the reply.
I got your point, I had actually forgotten to close the sales order, that’s why when a warranty was made against the sme Item, it showed as overdue.

  • But that brings me to another query, if I have replaced the item, with a new product, having a new Serial No.
  • Is there a way to get the serial no. directly deducted from the Stock against the warranty claim or I have to make a separate Stock Entry ?