A way to bulk assign default suppliers to items

We are migrating from Unleashed to ERP Next.

In our item list for Data Import, we have around 1000 rows.

Our items in unleashed have default suppliers.

Is there a way to bulk assign default suppliers to items in ERP Next, or do we have to do this on an item by item basis?

Any help is a help

Welcome afroleft and here’s wishing you every success with your migration.

You are using the Data Import feature, right? I there in the Item defaults section you should be able to assign your default supplier and import and boom, you are all set. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.



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Thanks for the suggestion Jay, really appreciate it.

Yeah, we were in the data import tool - we wanted to more details around how ERPNext linked Default Suppliers to the items before updating ~1000 rows & potentially corrupting our data.

We added Default Suppliers & Suppliers in the respective columns in the template, but we also noticed Supplier ID column.

This Supplier ID column had entries for the supplier <–> item mapping for those we had completed manually, but the Supplier ID was different for each of the items (we were expecting a consistent Supplier ID across each of the 6 items mapped).

We’ve gone ahead & broken down the import by supplier - a few bumps with partial successes, but now the Default Suppliers appear to be mapped correctly.

Thanks again Jay.