Ability to rename or change column titles

Is it possible to modify the column titles in a list view such as this one?

For example, if we wanted to do a layout such as:

Title-Status-Transaction Number-Customer Name-Full Date (instead of time passed) is something like that possible?

It seems it would be easier to drill down to find a recent transaction instead of opening each one.

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Hi @jpp ! The columns in a list view are actually selected fields from your doctype. You can rename them by changing the Label of your field. You can even choose other fields instead of the ones shown alreay by ticking the “inListView” under your field and unticking those you don’t want to show in the list view. But also take note that you can only select up to 3 fields as ERPNExt rule for listviews. Good luck!

Hi ,

@jpp . I had a similar situation and editing the stock_entry_list.js did the job .


Yes, but I was wondering if its possible to implement this into the framework so that it wont break on updates.


Only way to change columns is as described by @creamdory right now.