Ability to use supplier as customer


We have business model where we will raise bills to our supplier and in some cases they raise bills to us.

I don’t want to create two entries one for customer and other for supplier as in that case reconciliation would be pain.

Is there a best practice for doing the same ?

Vishwajeet Singh

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Unfortunately for now you will have to create two entries. Perphaps you can add a custom field for Customer in Supplier Doctype in which you can fetch the respective customer code for the supplier.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response but in this case how would reconciliation work.
Say I raise a vendor a bill of 10k and he raise me a bill 10k so ideally net outstanding should be zero but if we have two entries than it will not be the case.

Odoo does this really well, may be a food for thought for ERP team to introduce concept of party and allow a party to have customer as well supplier types.

Would you mind creating a Github feature suggestion for this.

Ok thanks I will. This is a critical business requirement for us, we have contemplated for quite a while between odoo and erpnext. Almost chose ERPNext but with this limitation not sure how do we proceed ahead. How difficult it would be implement this change?

This is a good point to discuss.

We also have customers who are also our suppliers. I am having a hard time to prepare invoices. I hope we will have a fix soon.

@ArundhatiS I have raised feature request, find below the link

Thanks @vishwajeets

Any one would like to contribute bellow is bounty link .