Able to curl from the inside of the server, but not able to access the website

Hi Guys,
I’m new to erpnext, basically i’ve just install erpnext in production mode, but after 2 days i cannot access the website anymore.

I’m able to ssh into the server and able to run “curl localhost:80”
and it return the html code as it should be, but i cannot access the website from the outside using my chrome browser.

log under /frappe-bench/logs seems fine as well.

What should i do?

Are you accessing via http://localhost:8000?

if i curl localhost:8000 there’s no html code that is return.
above is the IP

Your ERPNext is probably on - you will need to check that it is not blocked via any firewalls etc

i don’t think so, since i have setup my erpnext to be run under production mode, which means it runs under port 80

Normally production is on port 8000 and development is on port 8080, but you can quite easily change the port number to one of your own preference like this…

bench set-nginx-port [SITE1.LOCAL] 8120
bench setup nginx
sudo systemctl reload nginx

and then go to http://your.IP.or.HOSTNAME:8120