About bench update

Hi, all
we installed erpnext two months ago which is version 6.7.8. Then we did some customizations on our server for time log and some reports etc (more than 20 python files changed) , but we didn’t pull request to standard repository.
Now the standard erpnext already updated to version 6.16.4, but I think we’ll get merge conflicts if we do ‘bench update’ from GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Is there any way we can do bench update and still keep our customization?

@Jasmine You will need to resolve any conflicts when you pull the updates. There is no other alternative.

@anand Thanks for your reply.
So does it mean that I cannot update to version 6.16.4 and keep our customization automatically? I have to deal with conflicts one by one manually, right?

I think you are doing it wrong. Do not customize directly to the code of erpnext or frappe. You have to create new app and do your customization in your app. So that you can update erpnext without having problems with your customization. See http://frappe.github.io/frappe/user/tutorial/

@ccfiel Thanks for your reply, but I’m not really understanding your solution cause I’m a novice for erpnext. if I create new app, it will just copy of erpnext. Does you mean I just customize on the copy of erpnext? then how does the IE page show?

@Jasmine new app does not create a new copy of erpnext. Its like creating a plugin so that all your customization will be on it. So if you install your new plugin(app) all your customization will be applied.

@Jasmine I suggest you have to first understand the basic of frappee and erpnext works before you make customization. http://frappe.github.io/frappe/user/tutorial/

@ccfiel, Thank you very much!