About Naming Series

Hi, I was created a series on erpnext of quotation .FY.-.MM.-.##### in previous month series working completely fine but after month is changed series starting from 1 and so how i am do series starting from previous series like
2024-2025/04/0001 month is changed series should start from 2024-2025/05/0002
please give the solution asap!!!

As far as I know, currently, you update the series current value in the document settings.

After that, you add a scheduled event monthly to update the series current value based on the last created doc count.

Please give brief solution if month changed like current may changed to june the series should be started from previous number every time i can’t update series

I think you can handle naming programmatically, which seems to be the easiest and best way from what I know. You might find this reference helpful