About New V8 Employee Accrual system in Payroll

First thanks to Frappe team for this great addition to the system, while trying the new features i was wondering:

  1. Since that a doctype Employee can be selected as a Party for making JV entrys and allows to follow the amounts balance for each employee, can this be added to the Payment Entry Doctype to? for now its only allows for Customer and Suppliers, this because many time you pay diferent employees in diferent times and use diferent checks or voucher numbers.

  2. When using the payroll Tool and submiting the salary slip to the accrual account selected at company level i cant select a (Is payable Account) since the process ignores the employee party names and sums app all transaction in a single account line.

Having the tool automatically post the name for each employee (Party)with the corresponding amount to be pay later (as the accrual system works) woul make it easy for many HR responsable and accountants, in my humble opinion.


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@Randy_Lowery maybe this should be an option.

In slightly larger companies, salaries are shared and even not accessible to the accountant. But for smaller companies, it probably makes sense to accrue each salary separately.

Thanks @rmehta, having this as an option is definitely the best way to go, giving user the flexibility of incorporating the software due to the size and cultural difference in terms of business needs, and you are right about small companies would benefit from it, as they are already from such a grat software.

You can still track salaries from the salary slip. Maybe add a custom field to mark them paid?