About PR process and upstream merge ? (Auto-Solved)

Hello dear fellow,

I wonder if any of you have some clue about actual development process is done about merging fix into upstream version.
I explain, the Frappe team were agreed to merge some of my fix PR on GitHub (I’m happy and someway proud about it, been part of this community mean something) in version-12-hotfix branch, but the fix aren’t merge into version-13-beta and develop branch.
If I try locally to merge version-12-hotfix into version-13-beta I’ve got lot’s of conflicts, same if I try to merge vbersion-13-beta into develop.

Is that mean if we found a bug into version 11 we have to submit 4 PR to be sure that the bug is definitively fix to develop ?

Heuuu… Sorry, As I write this message, I just do what every developper have to do before start somethings : RTFM. Answer Supported Versions · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub.

So yes it is, one PR per branch… I found it hard but that’s the rule and it’s written.

I let it here if someone do similar search on the fourm