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  1. Asset
  2. Asset Category
  3. Asset Maintenance
  4. Asset Repair
  5. Asset Value Adjustment
  6. Purchasing an Asset
  7. Selling an Asset
  8. Asset Depreciation
  9. Scrapping an Asset

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Hi, I have been using the very simple asset functionality of ErpNext before the development of this full-fledged asset management module.
Probably perfect for large companies with lots of expensive assets.

For a smaller company I feel it is an overkill.
Bought a $2000 new freezer and thought to give it a shot.
After hours of trying, reading the documentation, again and again I have given up.

Asset categories, all kind of in between and temporary accounts, depreciation schedules, and so on and so on…just to complex for the user running a small company who just want to record an asset.
Making manually a depreciation voucher at the end of the year (5 years 20% of Purchase price here in NL) is not such a big deal.

I have deleted my trials an will record the freezer as on non-itemized item and debit (or credit ?? :slight_smile: ) the fixture and furniture account.

An simplified procedure to record an asset would be appreciated