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Here are some common topics in Quality Management that users may need help with:

  1. Quality Goal
  2. Quality Procedure
  3. Quality Review
  4. Quality Action
  5. Quality Meeting
  6. Quality Feedback

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Awesome to have a space to talk about Quality Management.

So, It would be great to have Audit Doctype, and I believe the doc is already designed by himanshu.

Also, I missed the hability of approval process of documents (I have customized a workflow to deal with), and some report to quickly understand the stages of all documents of QMS.

My last idea is to seize the idea already developed by athenolabs and lasalesi, if it be possible. I’ve saw they have done some great doctypes…

Some ideas of improvement:

  1. Quality Goals

I don’t know if there are some notification about the monitoring process… Not a big deal, and can be created in Notifications… But… is there some?

Sometimes (as I’m doing it!), people migrate the controls from excel to system. In that case, it would be great to use some past dates.

  1. Quality Procedures

There is a lot of documents in the QMS there is not just SOP, and even thought, they are super important, as policies, rules… And, thinking about a ISO standard, there are a lot of them there isn’t have this “step-by-step” model.

They have to have some end date. And would be great if there are some advice about it.

To lower the use of paper, it’s important to be allowed to open the documents inside the system. DOCX, PDFx, PPTX… In the app, it is not possible. In chrome, its possible using some plugins.

Is important, also, have some access control. So, if some user isn’t quality manager, he can see the documents, without editing.

  1. Quality Action

It can be opened for a improvement suggestion, from an employee, for example.

  1. Quality Meeting

its important to register who have participated from the meeting. Don’t know if there is some check-in idea, send invitations, etc…

If it is some training, how to check the effectiveness of it?

There is… let’s talk about Quality!!!

I guys, nice to see this discussion thread (thanks for the hint @xickomesquita). I think all the building blocks seem to be here, maybe we need some how-tos as to how to actually implement a quality system with this…

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I want to record Internal Process Audit as a Quality review. here is the step I will follow:

  • Audit Plan: Plan an Audit in the tool having details like Audit Date, Auditee, Auditor, Department Name (to be audited), Audit Type. Once this is planned in the tool, it should be visible to Auditee and Auditor with the defined details
  • After conducting audit: Audit findings to be logged which have the following flow:
  • List item Findings to be logged in the same audit plan, including audit findings and procedure referred. Once the auditor save the finding, the flow should be moved to Auditee for findings response like correction, corrective action and closure date

Now the question is, how can I achieve this flow in ERPNext.

I am wondering if there is a possibility of having a warenty claim also based on batches? The current feature is only with serial no.
Or how do you handle quality claims of items based on a batch system?
Thanks for your imput


I have recently started using ERPNext. I am from a Pharmaceutical Industry. From Quality Management System (QMS) point of view the Quality Module of ERPnext needs lot of customization. Wondering if these customizations can be made a standard part of the Quality Module of ERPnext. If yes, how?