About Updating from V8 to Latest one

There are some code customizations done in both Frappe and ErpNext in different forked repo.

Frappe version is around 8.10.4 (In my seperate origin repo. Upstream is erpnext path).

Now Cloning this code in latest bench is giving lot or errors.

Can anyone suggest what could be the best way to go forward. How to get my Git repo of frappe and erpnext installed in latest bench and even how to update it (coz simply bench update is creating lots of problems).

Suggesting Sequence of steps would really help.



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Pull latest master branch in erpnext and frappe.

If you have done changes in the core files then you have to remove those conflicts manually.

Thanks @saurabh6790 for replying.

So your sequence is:

  • Pull from upstream (frappe repo) of frappe

    $ git pull upstream master

  • Merge changes and Resolve Conflicts

  • Push it to my forked origin repo
    $git push origin

  • Pull from upstream (erpnext repo) of erpnext

    $ git pull upstream master

  • Merge changes and Resolve Conflicts

  • Push it to my forked origin repo
    $git push origin

Is that correct ?

One more question.

I have a forked version of frappe v8 and erpnext (8.x might be). Now I want to set this up in another machine (i Mean before I do above steps). It creates a lot of conflicts. For that here is the thing i do:

  1. bench init
  2. This insrtalls new frappe (mine is 8x)
  3. so I paste my clone here… (which does not allow bench new-site command for suspense reasons)
  4. then i let the original repo with bench init and then i install erpnext
  5. then i paste my erpnext clone in apps folder.
  6. then do bench migrate. (which again creates a lot of issues)

Do we have any guide where we have sequene of instructions for old repos being installed on newer bench ? I would like to contribute to a documentation if there is’nt but I will need some guidance here fo r the sequecne of commands.


Parth Joshi

@saurabh6790 following worked out for me. I am replying for my own question so that someone with similar issue can use this:

  1. Install Frappe and ERPNext as given in installation instruction GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Remove erpnext and frappe folder from apps and take a backup of it somewhere and paste your v8 version of frappe and erpnext in apps folder.
  3. Import DB of your v8 into the site. $ mysql -u root -p <db_name_from_site_config> < dump.sql
  4. if the bench folder does not have package.json copy it from frappe folder and say $ npm install
  5. if there is mysqlclient related errors then there must be env related problem. In that case:
    $ source env/bin/activate
    $ pip install mysqlclient 
    $ deactivate
  6. Now try bench migrate
  7. If there is some error related to quite not found while doing $bench start , remove --quite option from the proc file.

Hope this helps for people who were stuck in older version and never updated with latest bench repo.

Now I will soon update this post about how to merge this code with latest frappe and erpnext if both of your repos have customization.

@root13F thanks a lot for your suggestions.