Absence and salary

We are facing problem with the HR payroll module of ERPNext.

Logically when you upload the attendance you assume that the salary will be calculated based on the days person has worked. So when the attendance is uploaded and a person has been absent for 5 days, then it should calculate on the leaves taken. In ERPNext, this is not the care. Rather, it simply ignores the attendance and only calculates based on the leave applied.

If a person is absent, then it should automatically become leave without pay until and unless they have applied for a leave which gets paid. Adding a leave without pay is an unnecessary step which increases the burden of the payroll team to ensure that a leave without pay has been set up and approved. Further what is the incentive for the employee to put the leave without pay in the system when they know, if they wont put it in, they get paid for that day?



Hello Amit,

Add a GitHub issue for this enhancement.


There is already an issue in GitHub ERPNext Payroll Issues (Attendance Linking) · Issue #5893 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
I think we should reopen it.


Hello, has this issue been resolved?

Hi Friends,

No doubt we have nice requirements that we want in ERPNext, These nice ideas/requirements are as diverse as our faces are. I have posted quite some in the community myself.

But yesterday I read this post [Conference 2018] Making Open Source Work - #14 by yogeshvachhani by @rmehta. Then I realized that we all have work to do.

My point? We’ll have to exercise great patience if we only submit requests in hope that they’ll be addressed. While ERPNext is free for us, the time, efforts and resources that had gone into making it free are not free. Not at all.

You enjoy your day.

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@Sirjames I read the post too and agree with the points made in the post and your submission. However, i have indeed come to understand that what makes ERPNext and the community great is the ability for every one in the community to identify issues and do one of three things: (1) flag it for the community to see in the hope that someone with the required skill and access would see it and fix for the benefit of the user in particular and the community in general, (2) flag it, fix it and show others how to fix it too at the local end, or (3) flag it, fix it via code and send a pull request for the fix to be available to everyone directly.

Your call for patience is understood and i only asked if the issue has been resolved because i only just encountered the issue and rather than create a new thread about it i thought to ask if it has been resolved. Unfortunately a good number of us in the community (a group to which i belong), do not possess the requisite skills to fix most back-end issues by modifying base scripts to resolve our issues locally not to talk of contributing code to the community via pull requests. But i have seen issues raised by noobs transformed into features which have ended up making ERPNext a better product. So forgive me if i find this statement

a tad sarcastic because i do not believe any one in this community who doesn’t know how to code deliberately wants to cause stress for those who have volunteered their time for free to make this product great.

Do enjoy the rest of your day.

After all these years, I still wonder what is the point of Attendance in ERPNext? No links to Payroll or Appraisal…

If at least LWP entries can be auto-created for absence as suggested by @Amit_Saxena , that would be a great start to something meaningful


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@wale i wonder why this is not being discussed extensively. The attendance module can do so much more than determining number of days worked. If in some way it can trigger LWP entry then that will be nice because it is quite stressful to manually process LWP for hundreds of employees in a given month.

Yeah, I understand your concern. With the massive improvements to the HR module in V11 it’s quite an amazement that attendance still has no significance in ERPNext except for record keeping!

There’s a PR that’s been pending since last year due to a lack of tests… let’s hope some action is taken on it soon


Kind regards,

This is a brilliant PR and i am quite surprised it hasn’t been implemented yet. I will support any and every effort to get it merged.

To insist on test code with a PR submission is a good thing and only reasonable.

The question is why submitter’s would apparently opt not to support this requirement?

Is anyone aware of any kind of progress or development in this regard?

Hello fellows!!
Anyone got any idea how to tackle this issue as this problem still exists :frowning:

Hi @usmanalikhan

I believe this has been added in V13. Check ‘Payroll Settings’

You may just have to wait a lil longer till it’s released in production