Accepteed warehouse on invoice

On the item row my invoice has an accepted warehouse column, this has not appeared on any other invoice how do I remove it

A screenshot of the issue will help us to support you better.
In a invoice if update stock is checked the warehouse information will be shown. Please elaborate the issue.

Hi @ArundhatiS as you can see from the first screenshot update stock is not ticked however when I click on the print version of the purchase order it is showing an accepted warehouse column

I really need to sort this purchase order out if anyone can please help me

Hi @ArundhatiS if you have a minute please can you look at the screenshots

Perhaps you can try to "Print Hide"the Accepted warehouse in the Purchase invoice Item table in the Customise Form.

but then in the system, would it still show the stock in the warehouse?

@rmehta are you able to shed any light on this please

Print hide will hide the field in the print format,rest of the function remains the same.

Hi @ArundhatiS thank you for your reply. As well as not being on the print format I also don’t want it to be in the system that the item is in a warehouse

If you don’t want to enter stock transaction (warehouse entry) in the Purchase Invoice, then uncheck “Update Stock” field.

Hi @nabinhait as you can see from the screenshot I have unchecked it but it is still putting sock in a warehouse. Why is this ?

Are you sure it is posting Stock ledger and increasing stock balance? For this, please check Stock Ledger and Stock Balance report after submission of the Purchase Invoice. If Update Stock is unchecked, it should not affect stock balance.

But the warehouse is automatically setting mostly because you have set User Permissions against Warehouse. If you don’t want to apply user permissions on this particular warehouse field, you can block that from Customize Form -> Purchase Invoice Item. Check Ignore User Permissions property for Accepted Warehouse field there.

@nabinhait thank you for your reply. In some cases, the stock will need to be assigned to a warehouse so the user will need permissions to do this however for some purchases this is not relavant. I should be able to apply it per purchase invoice?

Though the accepted warehouse is set based on user permissions, it does not affect the inventory unless you check the “Update Stock”. May be you can ignore this.

@nabinhait maybe on the next update it can be changed so that a warehouse is only listed if update stock is ticked?