Access / Change Coordinates of GEOLocation field?


How can i access / change coordinates of GEO location field ?

Can you be specific what you have tried or the problem you are having?

Possibly any of these may help Search results for 'geolocation' - ERPNext Forum

hi @clarkej,

i just want to access its coordinates,
i tried to access it via frm.doc.geo (my map field name is geo) its giving me below data


but i just want to access coordinates, i’ve tried to access it like this
frm.doc.geo.features.geometry.coordinates (few similar syntax also) but didn’t get through.
also i want to edit these coordinates to change the location of the map. thanks.

I am not familiar with the Agriculture module, but check the geolocation code there this suggests Geolocation Field

Hi Shahid

Have you changed the values there ? if yes can you share the code here