Access denied for user after migrate

Hello ERPNext team,

We are facing a little issue this weekend. We deployed a new version of our app into our staging environment through our build chain with K8s and Helm Chart.

So far everything has work really well. But out of nowhere, the site does not restart because of the following error :

Access denied for user '<user>'@'<IP_address>' (using password: YES)")

I know how to fix it, I looked on the forum. We can connect to the database, check the grand accesses.

But I am a little bit scared of going to production with ERPNext now. As this error seems to appear from time to time, with no real explanations.

Do you have an idea where it can come from? Do you have a sustainable solution to prevent this to happen?

Thanks a lot


for containerized setup the db credentials need to be created such that wildcard host is allowed. By default frappe uses localhost as host for user created. In case of container instead of localhost it picks up the containers ip when it creates the user.

–no-mariadb-socket option to bench new-site was added to solve this issue. it didn’t work as expected.

new image has patched bench that does this now


Ok thank you, we will go that way