Access Error / Unable to load ERP

Hi All,

Sometimes, i get this error on my custom installation of ERPnext. Its deployed on a VPS. VPS is working fine. Internet is working fine. Sometimes when multiple items are opened together i get this error and then after around 10 to 15 min the page again becomes accessible. Any idea what causes this or how to fix this


It may help to say how the VPS is provisioned (OS, CPU, RAM etc).

it looks like your server is super slow

Here are server specs:


That might be a little light for rendering PDFs quickly, most would recommend two cores and at least 4G memory to run ERPNext well.

check if you have fail2ban running? maybe your IP gets blocked.

how can I check that please?

on the commandline of the server:
sudo fail2ban-client status

Thank. This is the result i get after running this command. Do i need to do anything?