Access for a developer without seeing database

I hired a developer for the system of the company to create custom reports and to edit other things, but I need to give him access to just check that for example the report he created is working properly without giving him access to any of the company transactions or any data from company. Is there a possible way to do that?
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Hi @OsamaRaafat,

For remove database access, go to the Role Permission for Page and Report, and then set a role for page and backups page select. Then remove the developer user role from the section.

Development report and other things access for:
For development, without any rights, he does not develop or test the report so you can give a right for a particular doctype for the report which he can develop.

Hope you understand.

Thank You!

I am sorry but I don’t understand what to do after I go to Role Permission for Page and Report

This is what is shown for me

Hi @OsamaRaafat,

Remove rights your according.

I tried removing the role of the developer from the backups page, but still when accessing the report from the developer user account, he can see the report data.

Here is a photo showing the report with the data shown from the developer user account after removing the database access, but the data (I blurred just for confidentiality) is still shown from the user account.

if the developer can’t see then how can he/she develop the report?
It’s logical if the developer has not any access then he/she cannot develop anything.

We just share like developers can not download the whole database.

Thank you so much

Just create development environment with mockup data