Access item attachments from website

Is it possible to add code to the item.html generator to show & access the attachments related to an item?

Need to have pdf’s related to an item available for download from the website without a user having to go to the desktop.

ERPNext: v6.6.4
Frappe Framework: v6.6.1

@brianl Sure, just add them to the description as links.

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@rmehta Thanks for the quick reply, however I think you may have misunderstood my question.

Each item ( product ) would potentially have one ( or more ) different documents attached.

Adding a link ( which I understand here to be a hard coded reference/link to a single attachment? ) to the item.html generator would result in the display of the same attachment for each item ( product ).

Would not a function, similar to the one that pulls the variant data into the item.html, be more appropriate?

Alternately, and in addition to that, shouldn’t there be a method of attachment access for the registered website user? Such as a customer, to who needs to have access to a product’s datasheet or technical drawing from their portal area.

Thanks, all the best…