Access outside localhost port from docker

I need to call a url which is localhost:8080 and my frappe docker is running on localhost:8000, If I try to acess the localhost:8080 it says 404 which means inside docker this port not running but actually I want to access my host machine port 8080, how can I configure to access it?

Hi how about some trial and error learning then document here what you learn?

If it says 404 on port 8080, it is possible something else is running there, if it is not docker.
Just to check, you should stop your docker instance and check port 8080 again. If you still get a 404 then something else is holding the port. In this case, you cannot get docker to also user port 8080.

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in my case i was trying it on aws for testing . but it doesn’t work and give me the 404 i was using ip not domain.
so i added to my .env