Access site from local network

hi friends
how can i access sites from local network
i create 2 sites

the dns_multitenant on
i point domain name with A record to ip address
so from outside i can access to sites with no problem from local network i cant by domain name or ip address


Are you running from virtual box or you are running in Ubuntu.
You shouldn’t have any problem though in doing this

run on ubuntu

Check the site port in site_config.json . And use this port to access from LAN:
xx.xx.xx.xx:port (xx = lan ip address) or

Usually, in dns multitenant scenario, port numbering starts in 8000 (8000 for the first site, 8001 the second, etc …).

Accesing from your own LAN with domain name can be restricted by router. Some configurations can’t manage access from your LAN to your own public IP address … In this case, edit your hosts file (/etc/hosts) and bind the site with the LAN IP. This way, your browser will be redirected to LAN instead routing to outside.

Check your firewall service in Ubuntu too, maybe some rule is avoiding connections from LAN .

Hope this helps.

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