Access to Custom Code

Hello ,

We have recently implemented ERPNEXT. We have some custom code done to meet our requirements. How do we get access to the github login/code repository, to access/review that code.

Help appreciated!

It would be best to contact the person/partner you outsourced the work to and get the details.

Are you sure the customizations were executed through custom app/code changes and not in-app customizations (server/client scripting)?

If so, one way o check would be to SSH into the server, navigate to the app directory, and check if any remote or upstream is set for the custom app. The same applies if changes were made directly to the ERPNext/Frappe codebase.

A handy command would be git remote:

git remote -v

If there is any output, note that. It should contain some URL of the repository where the code was pushed