Access to Custom create webpage to Website user

I have created a doctype and made it visible to website. (using website genrator).
but website user is shown not permitted to access this webpage.

Anybody know how to give permission to view custom created webpage to website users?
plz help…

@Amalendu permissions are not tested for web views.

Again, share your code / app

@rmehta My .py file

 from __future__ import unicode_literals
import frappe

from import WebsiteGenerator
from frappe import _

class TraderTransaction(WebsiteGenerator):
	website = frappe._dict(
		template = "templates/generators/trader_transaction.html",
		condition_field = "publish",
		page_title_field = "name",
	def get_context(self, context):
		context.parents = [{'name': 'transaction', 'title': _('Transaction History') }]

def get_list_context(context=None):	
	context.title = _("Transction History")

.html file

{% extends "templates/web.html" %}
{% block breadcrumbs %}
	{% include "templates/includes/breadcrumbs.html" %}
{% endblock %}
{% block header %}
<h3>{{ transaction_type }}</h3>
{% endblock %}
{% block page_content %}
<div>Transaction ID : {{ transaction_id}}</div>
<div>Transaction Date : {{ transaction_date}}</div>
<div>Transaction Amount : {{ amount }}</div>
<div>Balance After Transaction :{{ current_balance }}</div>
<a class='btn btn-primary' href='/transaction'> {{ _("Back") }}</a>    		
{% endblock %}

These are my two files. This is shown only to Administrator’s website view. But as a Customer ‘Not Permitted’. What loc i have to add?

@Amalendu you will have to write a hook for has_website_permission - search for this in existing apps and you will understand how to use it.


Thank you…
Got it.